Reserved Pit Spaces


  1. Weekly racing series competitors may reserve pit spaces anywhere in the enclosed pit area for the weekly racing season.
  2. Pit spaces along the front straightaway may be reserved for $75 annually. Pit spaces in other areas may be reserved for $50 annually.  Reservations are accepted at the OSP office.  Reserved pit spaces are marked on the pit space signs.  Enclosed trailers or racecar haulers are not allowed in pit spaces adjacent to the racing surface.
  3. No private cars, trucks are allowed in the hot pit area. This includes vehicles parked in unoccupied reserved pit spaces.  All vehicles, except the truck pulling the trailer, must be parked in the infield spectator area or outside the infield in the grandstand parking area. 
  4. Oglethorpe Speedway Park assumes no responsibility for any vehicles, trailers, racecars, equipment, parts or contents of vehicles while they are parked on speedway property.
  5. ATV’s allowed with prior permission and permit from speedway office.