Registration and Points


  1. It is required that all drivers register with the speedway and giving full information including: Name, Social Security/Tax Identification Number you wish your earnings reported under, address, and a current phone number.  If any information changes during the season, you must notify the speedway office.  To be eligible for Points fund money at the end of the season; Drivers must meet the following conditions:
    1. Pay $10 draw fee per division per weekly race event.
    2. Driver must have no outstanding amounts owed to speedway.
    3. Driver must compete in a minimum of 50% of total feature events for their division.
    4. Attend the annual awards banquet.
    5. If any of the above conditions are not met, driver becomes ineligible for points fund money.
  1. Season Points – Tie Breaking System:

            At the end of the season, should there be ties, they will be broken by way of                         the following system:

  1. Number of Feature wins during current season.
  2. Number of 2nd Place finishes in Feature during current season
  3. Number of top-5 finishes during current season.
  4. Number of top-10 finishes during current season.
  5. Total number of completed Feature laps during current season.
  6. Total amount of completed Feature laps during current season, whoever finishes in front of the other, thus, breaking all ties.

 The 2017 points season opens on Friday, April 14, 2017 and closes on Friday, September 1, 2017.

 Points for Heat Races will be awarded as follows (all divisions – except Amateur 4’s):

1-12                 4-9                   7-6                   10-3               

2-11                 5-8                   8-5                   11-2    

3-10                 6-7                   9-4                   12-1

 Points for Feature Races will be awarded as follows (all divisions – except Amateur 4’s):

1-25                 6-20                 11-15               16-10               21-5                            

2-24                 7-19                 12-14               17-9                 22-4    

3-23                 8-18                 13-13               18-8                 23-3    

4-22                 9-17                 14-12               19-7                 24-2    

5-21                 10-16               15-11               20-6                 25-1    


  1. All car numbers are reserved for the season.
  2. Car numbers must be no less than eighteen (18) inches high with a three (3) inch wide stroke. All numbers must be easy to read from the scoring tower.  No three digit numbers or letters will be allowed.
  3. Each car must have their car number (highly visible) on the right front headlamp cover at all times. This will assist track officials with line-ups.
  4. NO DUPLICATE NUMBERS will be allowed. Oglethorpe Speedway reserves the right to change car numbers when duplication occurs.