Race Procedures

1.      The only people allowed on the racetrack and outside the infield pit guardrail are racing officials.  Drivers must stay in their cars while on racetrack.  DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR.  Pit crews, car owners and personnel related to any car are not allowed on the track following any accident or injury.

2.      No repairs are allowed to a racecar except in the pit area.  Pit crews are not allowed to come on to the racing surface for any reason during an event. If any crew members enter racing surface, car and driver will be disqualified for the night. This includes red flag situations.

3.      Drivers may compete in more than one division per race night by paying an additional entry fee of $25 per additional division driver is competing in. During special events with entry fee for divisions, driver may compete in multiple divisions by paying entry fee for each division driver is competing in.

1.      Drivers must draw their own number for heat and qualifying line-ups at the draw window prior to entering the night’s event.  Heat and feature line-ups will be posted in the pits (at the pit concessions).  If a driver wins two (2) feature events in a row, they cannot start any farther forward than the 8th starting position of the next feature they qualify for; three (3) feature events in a row, they cannot start any farther forward than the 10th starting position of the next feature they qualify for; four (4) features in row, no closer than 12th; five (5) or more features, the tail of the starting field. All Amateur 4 previous feature winners will start in the rear with the most recent winner at the tail.

2.      Driver’s competing in Super Street must declare at draw window if their car is OSP Super Street or NeSmith Super Street.

3.      Every week during the point’s season there will be a $10 draw fee for each division competing in.  This money will be added to year end points fund.

4.      Any car that has been qualified for the feature event can be driven by another driver in that event, subject to notification to scoring, but will relinquish their starting position and start at the rear of the field.  The same is true in the case of a driver using a back-up car.  The points will follow the driver of the racecar, not the car itself or the car owner.

5.      Any driver starting heat or feature race without notification to race officials that they are driving, will be disqualified and not receive points or monies for the nights event.

6.      A back-up car may only be used in the event that a racecar becomes disabled during preliminary competition (warm-ups or Heat Race) on that specific race night.  If the back-up car does not meet the divisional specifications, the driver may only complete one lap and exit into the pit area (no exceptions).

7.      Cars must be lined up and ready to race prior to the white flag being displayed in the previous race.  Any driver failing to be lined up prior to this time will be lined up at the rear of the field.  Drivers in place will move straight up in their rows with the latecomers falling to the rear in the order they came to the staging area.  All drivers must follow the official’s direction.

8.      The race begins at commencement of pace laps, but official scoring and distance begins when the official starting flag is displayed.  At the beginning of the race, the field must maintain a nose to tail, side by side formation at a consistent speed until the green flag is waved.  Any car deemed to have jumped the start of the race will be black flagged to the tail. If a caution is displayed prior to a lap being completed, a complete restart will result with all retaining their starting positions except for those determined to be involved in the cause of the caution.  If after two unsuccessful tries at starting a race double file fails, a single file start will be used.

9.      When a caution flag is thrown, drivers must slow down safely and maintain their position on the track.  We do not race back to the flag stand.  If a full lap is not completed, we will go back to the last completed lap.

10.  At the discretion of the officials, any car causing a caution or any car involved in causing the caution will be placed at the rear of the field for the restart.  Any driver involved with three (3) cautions within the same race, will be black flagged from that race and sent to the pit area.

11.  All restarts are double file with leader having the option of inside or outside line and made by the lead car any time after passing the designated line on the wall and prior to flag stand.  If the leader does not fire by the time he reaches the flag stand, the flagman will restart the race.  All drivers must remain in position and are not allowed to pass until after the restart.  When the leader accelerates, the remainder of the field must do so also.  If you do not accelerate when the remainder of the field does and you are passed, this is not considered a jump.   Jumping is a judgment call that is determined by track officials.  Any time a driver is deemed to have jumped the restart, they will be black flagged and sent to the tail.  A second jump within the same race will result in a black flag and a one-lap penalty. If a car breaks on a restart, they should move to the INSIDE to allow remainder of field to pass.  There will be two attempts at a double file restart if unsuccessful will restart single file.

12.  If a red flag is displayed, slow down as quickly as possible and come to a stop on the track.  We may need to dispatch the ambulance and fire truck and they need a clear path to the accident.

13.  There will be NO ROUGH DRIVING.  Any car that intentionally spins out or drives into another car will be immediately black-flagged to the pits for consultation with the officials, and will be subject to further penalty as deemed necessary.  We will not tolerate rough driving.

14.  All cars must enter the speedway in turn one and exit the speedway in turn four. 

15.  Drivers must maintain a safe speed in the pit area (even if during a race).  Any driver entering or exiting the pit area at what is deemed to be an unsafe manner may be black-flagged from the race and be subject to further penalty.

16.  During the regular season on regular race nights (does not include double feature nights or nights when heats are not run), the following distances and time limits will be imposed, unless changes are necessary and are made by chief steward prior to the event:            

  DIVISION                  HEAT LAPS           FEATURE LAPS          TIME LIMIT
Late Models                         5                                 25                        30 Minutes
Super Streets                      5                                 20                        25 Minutes
Hobby Stocks                     –                                 15                         20 Minutes
Pure Stocks                         4                                 15                         20 Minutes
Mini Stocks                         4                                 15                         20 Minutes
Super 4’s                              4                                 15                         20 Minutes
Amateur 4’s                        4                                 10                         15 Minutes

 A time limit of seven (7) minutes will be imposed upon each heat race.  The time begins when the initial green flag falls.  When the time limit has been exceeded, the race will be declared official when the leader is given the checkered flag.  Rookies must begin their heat and feature race from the rear of the field for their first three events (double features are considered two events).

17.  If the time limit is reached prior to the completion of the scheduled laps, a green-white-checkered format will be implemented immediately.  There will be one chance given to complete the race event under this format.  If a caution is thrown after the green-white-checkered format has begun, the cars will be scored as they cross the line and the race will be considered complete.

18.  Line-ups will be determined by:

  1. Heat Races by a blind draw conducted at the draw window.  Those failing to draw prior to draw being cut-off will be placed at the rear of a heat race.  Transfer positions will be dependent upon car count. Divisions having less than ten (10) cars will run one (1) heat race.
  2. If a “B” Feature is run, the non-qualifiers will be lined up according to their finish in the heat races straight up.  Transfer positions will be dependent upon car count.
  3. The “A” Feature for the Late Model, Street Stock, Pure Stock, Mini Stocks and Super 4’s will be lined up according to their finish in the heat races straight up.  Amateur 4’s will be lined up according to their finish in the heat races with all previous feature winners in the rear with the most recent winner at the tail.
  4. On nights when a division does not run heat races, the line-ups will be according to the blind draw held at the draw window for their feature race.

19.  On nights when a division runs double features, there will not be any heat races run for that division.  The line-ups will be according to the blind draw held at the draw window.  The feature will be inverted from the starting field line up for the second feature (If you started on the pole for the first feature, you will start last for the second feature). 

20.  After any race has been completed, the officials have the right to inspect any part of any cars.  If you are directed to go to the scales or the inspection area, you must do so immediately.  Any competitor not going directly to the tech area will be disqualified from the race. 

21.  Only the following persons will be allowed in the tech area unless asked by an official:  OSP officials, OSP management and two (2) members of the racing team being inspected who are handling the removal of the requested components to be inspected.  After the components have been removed, only OSP officials, OSP management, one (1) representatives of the racing team will be allowed into the inspection room or area to determine the legality of the components.

22.  All drivers (including those not directly involved with the inspection) are reminded they are responsible for their crew and fans at all times. Misconduct or behavior that is detrimental to the inspection process may result in fines and/or suspensions levied against those teams disrupting the procedure.  This includes activity outside the tech area.  Respect the task at hand.

23.  Any participant who refuses to allow tech officials to inspect their car will be subject to the following:  Any competitor who fails to tear down a car for inspection and/or fails to surrender any illegal part(s) and/or equipment when requested to do so by an official will be disqualified from the event, lose all points and prize money from that event, be suspended for the next two (2) events and forfeit 50% of all accumulated championship points.  There cannot be an appeal allowed without the parts in question turned in at the time the official’s request is made.  The car will remain ineligible until after the required inspection has been completed by an official.

24.  Any participant found to be illegal will not receive prize money and will not receive points for that event.  If found illegal on a double features night, the car will be declared illegal for both races and will not receive prize money and points for either race.stone-industrial

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