1.      If an Oglethorpe Speedway Park driver with a current OSP license believes that another competitor has or will obtain a significant unfair advantage by some action that the driver believes is in violation of this rulebook, the driver may protest such action to an Oglethorpe Speedway Park official.  All protests must be presented by the driver to an OSP official in writing; the driver must be competing at the event and must follow the guidelines of this rulebook.

2.      A “visual protest” must be declared in writing to an official at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the feature race for that division and be accompanied by a cash bond of $25.  A “visual protest” is a protest, which does not require any type of measuring device to determine the legality of any part on the car.  “Visual” refers to anything outwardly visible, and “visual” therefore means anything under the hood or car that is outwardly visible to the official.

a.      If a “visual protest” is upheld, the driver must turn over the protested part to the officials prior to the beginning of the feature.  The driver will be fined $100, which is payable that night or the driver will lose all points and prize money for that event.

3.      A “formal protest” must be declared in writing to an official within ten (10) minutes after the conclusion of the feature race for that division (the second feature in the case of double feature events).  The “formal protest” must include the proper cash bond at the time the protest is presented to the official.  A “formal protest” can be lodged against another competitor’s car for an alleged violation of rules, which is only accessible through the use of tools.

a.      A driver must finish in the top ten of their division’s feature race; on the lead lap and within three places of the car they wish to protest.  There is no protesting of cars finishing worse than you in that feature event.  If needed, official scoring will announce each driver’s position.

b.      The Oglethorpe Speedway Park official shall decide whether the matter is protest able and if so, shall decide the protest as promptly as possible.  A decision that the matter is not protest able is final and non-appealable.  The officials have the right to not accept a protest that they feel has been made in retaliation and/or spite.

c.       Any competitor who fails to tear down a car for after being protested and/or fails to surrender any illegal part(s) and/or equipment when requested to do so by an official will be disqualified from the event, lose all points and prize money from that event, be suspended for the next two (2) events and forfeit 50% of all accumulated championship points.  There cannot be an appeal allowed without the parts in question turned in at the time the official’s request is made.  The car will remain ineligible until after an official has completed the requested inspection.

d.      A maximum of one (1) item allowed per protest.  Bore/Stroke is considered one item.

e.       If the protest is upheld, the protested driver forfeits all points/purse won at that event and the cash bond less the inspection fee, is refunded.

f.       If the protest is disallowed, the cash bond will be forfeited to the driver of the protested car less the inspection fee.

g.      All tech items cannot be covered in this book.  If while in the process of inspection or engine tear-down, officials see another non-protested tech item which is viewed to be an intentional violation of the rulebook, then tear-down will cease and the car will be declared illegal.  The official must see the tech item in question and may ask the team to show them the tech item for further inspection.

h.      Only the following persons will be allowed at a protest:  In the teardown area only OSP officials, OSP management and two (2) members of the protested racing team handling the removal of the protested components.  After the protested components have been removed and turned over, only OSP officials, OSP management, one (1) person of the protested team and one (1) person of the protesting team will be allowed into the inspection room or area to determine the legality of the protested components.

i.        All drivers (including those not directly involved with the protest) are reminded they are responsible for their crew and fans at all times. Misconduct or behavior that is detrimental to the protest process may result in forfeiture of the protest bond and/or ceasing of the protest procedure with additional fines and/or suspensions levied against those teams disrupting the protest procedure.  This includes team members, car owners and fans of other race teams.  Respect the task at hand.

j.        Any car protested for a P & G check must have the car ready for inspection within thirty (30) minutes after the completion of the feature event.  Head and engine removal protests must have their engines ready within one (1) hour after the completion of the race.  Unless these time limits are observed, a car may be declared illegal.

4.      Engine protests on the following listed engines (Super 4’s, Mini Stocks, Pure Stocks, Hobby Stocks, OSP built Super Street) in their respective classes will adhere to the following:

a.      P & G fee is $200 (track retains $80). P&G is considered one item.

b.      One (1) item protest fee is $200 (track retains $80)

c.       If head removal is required, the fee is $250 (track retains $100)

d.      If clutch/flywheel removal is required, the fee is $250 (track retains $100)

e.       If engine removal is required, the fee is $300 (track retains $125)

f.       If crankshaft removal is required, the fee is $400 (track retains $150)

1.      Crankshafts will be removed only at the discretion of the officials.

g.      In the Pure Stock if a cam profile is requested, the fee is $350 (track retains $225)

5.      Engine protests of the GM Factory Sealed Crate Engine  or Authorized GM Sealed Crate Engine:

a.      Protest fee is $200 (track retains $150)

1.      OSP at its discretion will use all necessary means to determine the legality of a GM Factory Sealed Crate Engine or Authorized GM Sealed Crate Engine by:

a.      Visual check of original GM Factory seals.

b.      Visual check of parts by GM part numbers.

c.       Compression check.

d.      If any of the above items appears altered or Non GM Factory; then engine will be declared illegal as a GM Factory Sealed Crate Engine or Authorized GM Sealed Crate Engine.

6.      On P & G check only, any car protested where P & G shows engine to be larger than legal size (at 180 degrees engine temperature) must have head removed for additional checking (at no cost to the protester).  If the engine checks less than the legal size, then the engine is declared legal.  If the protester is not satisfied, he may add an additional cash bond of $200 and the protested car’s heads will be removed for additional checking.  This must also be in writing prior to the beginning of the P & G protest and accompanied by the additional cash bond.  If the additional cash bond is not used, the additional money will be returned.


Drivers may appeal a disqualification by submitting a written appeal with references to the rulebook and written evidence defending their position along with an appeals fee of $100.  All parts must remain at the track and in the possession of the OSP officials for any appeal to be considered.  The appeal must be submitted with the proper fee included before the close of business on the next full business day.