Flag Rules – Walk through Night at the Races


  1. Any driver who does not obey the flag rules or continuously ignores the signals from the flag stand will be subject to disqualification and possible further penalty.
  2. Green Flag: Displayed to start the race or restart the race.  Cars must maintain their formation until the green flag is displayed.
  3. Yellow Flag & Caution Lights: Caution on the speedway. Cars are expected to slow down and maintain their positions until instructed by the officials.  WE DO NOT RACE BACK TO THE FLAGSTAND. If a full lap is not completed, we will go back to the last completed lap
  4. Red Flag: Slow down and come to a complete stop as soon as possible.  Watch for safety personnel and leave them a clear path on the track.  Do not get out of your racecar.  No pit crews are allowed on the track during a red flag and no work is allowed on the car during a red flag situation. If pit crew goes onto race track, car and driver will be disqualified for the night.
  5. Black Flag: Any car receiving a black flag must immediately go to the pits for consultation with officials.  DO NOT STOP ON THE TRACK.  Failure to obey the black flag will result in car disqualification, fine and possible further penalty.  A driver receiving a black flag for disciplinary problems will be subject to a fine of not less than the driver’s pay for the event and the loss of any points for that event.
  6. Blue with Yellow Stripe Flag: Passing flag indicates slower cars must move to the INSIDE to allow faster cars to pass them.  All cars being lapped must cease racing each other and allow the leader to pass then they may resume racing. 
  7. White Flag: Leader has started the final lap of the race.
  8. Checkered Flag: Race is finished.  All cars finish the race on the lap the checkered flag is shown to the leader.  All cars must pass under the checkered flag to be scored for that lap.


  1. It is necessary to secure a “pit pass” for entry into pit area.
  2. You can reserve a pit space for the season, inquire at the track office for availability.
  3. Check in with scorers at the draw window, located at Infield Concession building to draw for position and take care of any necessary entries for the night.
  4. Bring your racecar to the scale area (located across from fuel pumps at the pit wall) for an official to inspect for safety. Your car must be approved prior to competing in any events, including hot laps.
  5. RaceCeiver will be mandatory for all Divisions.
  6. Race line-ups and order of events are posted on Pit Concessions Bulletin Board.
  7. The Pit Concession and Restrooms are located in the center of the pit area.
  8. Fuel is available adjacent to pit concession at fuel pumps. Drive through pump area from overflow towards pit road. DO NOT BACK INTO THE PUMP AREA.
  9. Waste oil deposit barrels are located in the tech area for deposit of all used oil. DO NOT EMPTY OIL INTO TRASH RECEPTACLES AND/OR THE GROUND.
  10. Staging Area: Is located near turn one in the pit area.
  11. Hot Laps: This is not racing; just warm-ups! All belts, helmet and uniform must be in place. Proceed to staging area near turn one of the pit area; an OSP official will direct you on to the speedway.
  12. Barrels: OSP uses barrels in the turns during warm-ups to help establish an upper groove on the racing surface.  Do not run into the barrels!  Violators of this rule will be sent to the pits.  Habitual violators of this rule may be forced to start at the tail of their heat race and feature race.
  13. Driver’s Meeting: Will take place near the OSP tech area. It is mandatory that all drivers attend. 
  14. Race Line Ups: Are according to the blind draw or by how you finished in a previous race that night.  Look at the line up board for your division and car number.  If your car number is not listed on the board, contact an official immediately.  When it’s time for your division to race, proceed to the Staging Area.  The track official will direct you in lining up racecars and letting you on to the track.  Watch the flagman, as all need to be in position prior to the previous race’s white flag being displayed.
  15. Race Time: We cannot tell you how to race.  Remember to respect your fellow drivers and their equipment.  Watch the flagman, watch for the caution lights, be alert, be aware and most of all have fun!  Good Luck!
  16. Payoff: Will be paid after the completion of post-race technical inspections. Payoff will take place at the ticket booth located under the grandstands.  Any unclaimed payoff will be held by OSP for a period of thirty (30) days after which it will be forfeited.