Car & Roll Cage Construction


Also refer to each division’s rules section for additional specifications

  1. Competing Models: All divisions are open to American made passenger cars with the exception of the Mini Stock, Super 4’s and Amateur 4 divisions, which is open to foreign cars.  No jeeps, suburbans, SUVs or station wagons allowed.  Eligible mini truck models are listed at the front of the Mini Stock division rules.  Refer to division’s rules for additional specifications on make and models allowed.
  2. Bodies: All cars must have complete bodies as described in their individual rules sections. A complete body is defined as hoods, fenders, doors, trunk, and roof and must be in good appearance and good mechanical condition.  No junk allowed.  No car will be allowed to compete with excessive body damage.
  3. Electrical: Batteries can be mounted in the driver’s compartment or trunk as long as they are safely mounted, concealed and completely enclosed.  Self-starter must be in working order and car must be able to leave the pits on its own.
  4. Fuel Systems: If gas line runs through driver’s compartment, it must be enclosed in some type of steel tubing and follows the contour of the floor pan. Electric fuel pumps are NOT ALLOWED in the Street Stock division.  If electric fuel pumps are used in the Late Model, Mini Stock or Pure Stock division, they must be connected to an oil-pressure cut-off switch.  Fuel tank must be securely mounted in rear of car (see Diagram at the back of the book).  Fuel injection systems are only allowed in the Pure Stocks, Super 4’s and Amateur 4’s (must be stock for that make/model).
  5. Miscellaneous: Electronic traction control devices are not allowed.  All glass must be removed.  Mandatory window bars (minimum of three) in front of driver’s seat.   Any type of radiator may be used as long as it is concealed under the hood.  Welding of steering parts is not allowed except for reinforcement.  You cannot weld broken parts back together again.  YOU MUST HAVE WRECKER HOOK-UPS ON THE FRONT AND REAR AT ALL TIMES.
  6. Roll Cage Construction: All cars/trucks are required to have a roll cage.  All cages must be constructed of black iron pipe or seamless steel round tubing with a minimum outside diameter of 1.5” and a minimum wall thickness of .083.  No conduit, exhaust, galvanized or aluminum pipe allowed.  A minimum of a four-point roll cage is required in all divisions (that is four vertical bars welded to the frame inside the driver’s compartment). (Full cage highly recommended in Pure Stocks, Hobby Stocks, Super Street and Late Models). A rear hoop behind the driver’s head welded to the two rear vertical bars is required.  A front hoop following the contour of the driver’s side windshield post and top of the windshield welded to the front two vertical bars is also required.  Four top bars are required.  A minimum of four (4) horizontal bars are required IN the driver’s side door and three (3) horizontal bars are required IN the passenger side door.  All connections to be fully welded with gussets installed.  Roll bar installation and workmanship must be approved.  In Mini Stock, it is recommended that the roll cage be mounted to a box tubing frame run inside the driver’s compartment and trunk from inside front firewall to inside rear bumper.  Box tubing must be securely welded to floor pan and roll cage.  See divisional rules for more on roll cage and car construction.