2017 Pure Stocks


Safety regulations are listed under “Safety” at the front of this book.

The absence of a specific rule does not imply approval, consent or permission regarding that subject.  Any questions or doubts regarding such matters should be directed to speedway officials for a clarification.  Any further definitions or interpretations of the rules will be made by the Oglethorpe Speedway Park officials only.

Any tolerances determined by tech man and management decision will be FINAL!!

Any car visiting from another track, drivers must speak with the tech man before the race to access weith penalties or car will be disqualified.  No points will be given until the car is by OSP rules.


  1. Any American made 2 or 4 door car.
  2. Wheel base must remain factory. For car being used
  3. All doors must be welded shut.
  4. All glass and materials that would burn MUST BE REMOVED.
  5. Racing seat required. Seat must be bolted with a minimum of 6 3/8” bolts to bars that are welded to roll cage.  Full containment seat recommended
  6. Must have five (5) point quick release racing type seat belt and shoulder harness three (3) inches wide. Must be bolted to roll cage with minimum 3/8” bolt.
  7. Full roll cage required and must be welded to frame rails and all connections must be fully welded. All cages must be a minimum diameter of 1 1/2 inch and minimum 0.90 wall thickness.  A minimum of 4 horizontal bars is required in the driver’s door and a minimum of 3 inches in the passenger door.  Roll bar installation and workmanship must be approved. 
  8. Stock unaltered floor pan, firewall, and trunk floor must be retained. Hulling permitted.  Dashboard may be replaced with sheet metal.  All holes in floorboard and firewalls must be covered with sheet metal.  May replace rusted floor pan with sheet steel behind seat and trunk floor.
    May cut hole in hood for breather.
  9. Must have stock type bumpers. Aluminum OK if fitted to car properly.  No bump bars of any kind.  May have radiator protection bar, cannot extend past front bumper.  May have bar to protect fuel cell. 
  10. Must have 3 windshield bars in front of the driver.
  11. Tow hook on front mandatory.
  12. Battery must be located under hood or in trunk. If battery is mounted in cockpit, must be in sealed box.
  13. Racing steering wheel with quick release permitted. No steering quickeners allowed. 
  14. Approved fire extinguisher with gauge required and must be securely installed in reach of driver. Fire bottle system recommended
  15. No decking past back of driver’s seat from rear dash.
  16. MUST have stock roof and rear posts. May sheet metal over the quarters. Sheet metal body ok.
  17. Body must be stock appearing. (Must keep stock body lines) Must have body lines. Rear spoiler 5” tall or stock.  No side blades.
  18. No Asphalt bodies.
  19. No Fiberglass BODIES.
  20. No flat deck type bodies.
  21. No Late Model type bodies or noses.
  22. No sloped noses.
  23. All bodies must be mounted straight up.
  24. All cars are subject to approval by the technical inspector. (Install it right the first time.)
  25. Front wheeled drive cars with fuel injection allowed must be stock production and must weigh 3600 with driver after the race.


  1. Engine must be strictly stock for that make and model. Maximum of 350 c.i. allowed in all GM cars, metric included.  Engine allowed 0.060 for bore plus 0.010 wear.  Pistons must be 4 eyebrow flat top pistons.  No forged pistons.  (0) deck height. Stock replacement piston 4 eyebrow no floating rods or pistons. Stock piston ring gland no short skirt pistons Crank min 48Ibs. Harmonic balancer with elastomer ring required. Electric fuel pump OK.  Must be wired to ignition switch.  The following engines will not be allowed:  superchargers, turbos, double overhead cam, LT1, LS, tuned port or HO’s.  All ignition parts must be stock.  No high performance parts.  Solid engine mounts in stock location.
  2. Heads: Stock valves.  Max 1.94 intake and 1.50 exhaust.  NO aftermarket retainers.  May have three (3) angle valve job.  NO bowl cutting of any kind.  May pin stock rocker studs, or optional 3/8ths screw in studs.  Stock 1.5 ratio rocker arms only.  Long slot rockers ok. Stock type valve springs.  Poly locks no guide plates.  70cc minimum head.  NO angle plug heads.  NO 191 or 193 Chevy heads.  Engine Quest EQ-CH350I or equivalent is allowed.  If you use another head, it is your responsibility to produce specs proving your head is exactly the same as the EQ head.  NO 185cc intake runners. No closed chamber or double humps.
  3. Cam and Lifters: Intake lift 425, exhaust lift 425. Through May 12, 2017 cars with 480 lift must add 75 pounds to weight to be legal.  After May 12, 2017 all cars must run 425 max lift.  Stock replacement hydraulic lifters only, no anti pump-ups.  Must have wire ring clip.  Valve adjustment must be preloaded.  Stock push rods only.
  4. Carburetor: Stock for make and model.  Carb spacer one piece Mr. Gasket type 0.750” Optional stock carburetor or unaltered single line Holley: Part #1850 ONLY. $300.00 claimer on carburetor – Maybe run in reverse position.
  5. Intake: Stock unaltered cast iron manifolds, No grinding, cutting, or gasket matching.  No Bowties. Intake has a $100.00 claimer.
  6. Exhaust manifolds: OEM Stock cast iron.  Must have 24” exhaust pipe (both side) Center dump ok – Shoenfeld 185v or same style header must be track approved.  No tri-y headers or over the frame headers.

 DRIVE TRAIN AND SUSPENSION:                                                                              

  1. Transmission: Transmission must be stock. Standard or automatic.  Stock clutch and stock torque converter.  Aftermarket hydraulic clutch pedal and release bearing OK. Steel safety bell housing when using standard transmission.  All gears in transmission must work.  Flywheel must be 16lbs. OEM replacement spring or solid type clutch disk plate allowed.
  2. Rear-end: Stock rear-end (GM to GM).   Disk brakes ok.  Lock rear-ends OK.  No ford 9 inch rear ends.
  3. Shocks & Springs: Stock replacement shocks in stock location. $100.00 claimer per Shock and must buy all 4 shocks.  Stock suspension for make, model and year of car.  No jack bolts or spring buckets allowed.  Heavy duty or racing springs of same height allowed.  Modification (heating/cutting) OK. No lowering blocks.  No long shackles. 1 bolt hole in top. 1 bolt hole in bottom of shackle.  4 ½” apart.  Shackle can be no longer than 6 inches total. Stock type rear coil springs.  No cups are buckets ***Optional*** Front sway bars must to mounted with stock bolts and bushings (rubber) NO NEOPREME BUSHINGS


  1. Tires: Maximum width 8” D.O.T. tires. H500 Hoosier  and AR-500 American Racer are optional.
  2. No grooving or syping.
  3. Wheels: Steel wheels maximum 8” wide. No aluminum wheels.  Must have 1” lug nuts with correct length studs on all 4 wheels.  Bead lock on right side only for safety.


  1. Stock type master cylinder, booster optional. 4 wheel disc brakes OK.
  2. No aluminum hats/rotors, all 4 brakes must work.
  3. Stock or aftermarket non-adjustable brake and clutch pedal allowed.


  1. Fuel tank may be moved inside of trunk. Tanks must be securely mounted.  
  2. Fuel cell mandatory. Fuel cell must be no lower than center of the rear end housing.
  3. Pump gas or track race fuel only.


  1. The required weight is a minimum of thirty-four hundred (3400) pounds including the driver on the track scales AFTER the race.
  2. Automatic transmission weight will be 3350 pounds including driver after the race.
  3. Front wheel drive cars must weigh 3600 pounds including driver after the race.


  1. No driver can make more than 2 claims in 1 season.
  2. Must finish in top 5 to make any claims.
  3. Refusal to sale driver will be disqualified for that race and lose all accumulated points for season.
  4. All claims must be in writing and you will have 10 minutes after checkered flag to make claims
  5. $100.00 Claim on Intake
  6. $300.00 Claim on Carburetor
  7. $100.00 Claim per shock, and must buy all 4 shocks. $400.00 Total.