2017 Late Models


Late Models will NeSmith Series Sanctioned and will be racing under the 2017 Weekly Racing Series Rules and Regulations for Nesmith Dirt Late Model Series.

 Rules may be found at: http://www.nesmithracing.com then clicking on Touring Rules.

Safety regulations are listed under “Safety” at the front of this book.

The absence of a specific rule does not imply approval, consent or permission regarding that subject.  Any questions or doubts regarding such matters should be directed to speedway officials for a clarification.  Any further definitions or interpretations of the rules will be made by the Oglethorpe Speedway Park officials only.


Hoosier Spec 1350 will be allowed until June 1, 2017. The Hoosier D70 Spec Tire right rear only will be allowed for the 2017 season at OSP.

Hoosier D21 stamped Crate Racin’ USA and shoulder plated. Hoosier D-55 stamped Crate Racing’ USA and shoulder plated, (siping will be allowed on D-55 tire only). Tires may be durometered and Crate Racin’ USA D21 must punch 46 or harder when checked cold, D55 must punch 60 or harder when checked cold, D55 must punch 60 or harder when checked cold. NO grooving, siping, or needling allowed. (Only original factory grooves may be regrooved and replaced).  Any tire failing to punch properly will be disqualified for remainder of the racing event.  Tire/Tires in question will be confiscated. ALL DECISIONS ARE FINAL.  Grinding/buffing tires is permitted.  No visual cuts should be present on tires.  Use of carbide/nail style discs is prohibited.  Tires must remain in factory manufactured condition.  Any alterations from factory manufactured tire is prohibited.

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