2017 Hobby Stock


 Safety regulations are listed under “Safety” at the front of this book.

The absence of a specific rule does not imply approval, consent or permission regarding that subject.  Any questions or doubts regarding such matters should be directed to speedway officials for a clarification.  Any further definitions or interpretations of the rules will be made by the Oglethorpe Speedway Park officials only.

Any tolerances determined by tech man and management decision will be FINAL!!


  1. Any 1960 or newer American made sedan with a stock factory wheelbase (1 INCH TOLERANCE)
  2. 3300 lbs. with no penalties.  Automatic transmission 3250 lbs.
  3. 3100 lbs. with 602 Crate.
  4. All cars will be required to have at least a 4-point roll cage. Rollcage must be welded to the frame rails and all connections must be welded. All cages must be minimum diameter of 1 1/2 inch and minimum wall thickness of .090.
  5. A minimum of 3 horizontal in driver door, and minimum 2 bars in passenger door.
  6. Must have stock front firewall and both sides of the floor pan to rear of driver’s seat, (no setback allowed) = (weight will be added if not in stock location, a small tolerance will be given.)
  7. May repair or patch the firewall and floor pan. May replace firewall with steel stock location side to side.
  8. May use racing steering wheels with quick release hub
  9. Must have at least 3 windshield bars in front of the driver.
  10. Must have a 3-point release type seat belt and at least 3 inches wide at shoulder
  11. Racing seat required.
  12. Boxing of drivers compartment ok.
  13. Must have an inspection panel.
  14. Uni-body may be tied together.
  15. Front and rear clips most remain complete (STOCK) If cars have damage beyond repairs to factory frame rails it is allowed to be repaired from top of rear shock mount with 2X3 tubing (must be track or series approved).
  16. No jig built cars (meaning no scabbed over late models frames).
  17. No Mixing of frames. Example: No Camaro front clip with metric rear.
  18. Fuel cell mandatory must be in a container. Can alter floor to mount cell, but must be sealed.
  19. May replace stock dashboard with sheet metal.
  20. Must have bumpers front and rear (Bumpers must wrap around – No straight bars).
  21. Aluminum and steel bumper ok, it must fit properly.
  22. Must have front tow hook.
  23. No radios. No mirrors.
  24. Window net required and must be in use when on track.


  1. May run any header. NO Try-Y header allowed.


  1. Rear Spoiler – 8 inches high x 70 inches wide (measurement is with bends).
  2. Body MUST remain stock appearing Quarters can be no more than 2″ outside of spoiler at top. 70″ spoiler). Side supports no higher than 8 inches in the back, 12 inches long at the bottom, 3 inches high at the front, no more than 3).
  3. MUST have stock roof and rear posts. May sheet metal over the quarters. Sheet metal body ok.
  4. If roof post aren’t stock then they must have stock dimensions (weight may be added).
  5. Body must be stock appearing. (Must keep stock body lines) Must have body lines.
  6. No Asphalt bodies.
  7. No Fiberglass BODIES.
  8. No flat deck type bodies.
  9. No Late Model type bodies or noses.
  10. No sloped noses.
  11. All bodies must be mounted straight up.
  12. All bodies are subject to approval by the technical inspector. (Install it right the first time.)
  13. Fiberglass hoods ok.
  14. May run aftermarket nose and tail piece (Rear of car must be closed in.)
  15. Rocker panels not required.
  16. Aluminum body parts ok.


  1. Steel wheels only.
  2. No wide fives.
  3. 8 inch wheels only.
  4. Bead locks okay.


  1. H-500 Hoosier or AR 500 American Racer approved tire.
  2. 8”tires only.
  3. No grooving or syping allowed.


  1. All suspension parts must be OEM stock replacement (unless otherwise stated in the rules).
  2. Stock mount shocks or Heim shocks steel bodied non adjustable shocks only – no Schrader valve shocks. Shock claim $600 all four shocks.
  3. Heim end Shocks on the front or rear. May run stock mounted shocks. (May raise for Heims shock).
  4. Changing of springs ok.
  5. Jack screws on the front ok.
  6. Adjustable Cups ok.
  7. No Chrysler leaf springs.
  8. No fiberglass leaf springs.
  9. Screw jacks or adjustable shackles on the rear ok.
  10. Disc brakes ok.
  11. Dual master cylinders allowed. Dual master cylinders may be driver adjustable.
  12. No brake shut offs.
  13. Trailing arms must be stock, in stock location. May use offset bushing, may modify stock arms. This means box for strength only.
  14. No adjustable holes in frame of any kind for anything. (Must use stock frame holes only). Lower rear control arms 2 ¾ max from bottom of the rear end housing to center of control arm bolt.  Top mount 7 ¾ center of control arm to center of axel tube.
  15. May relocate top A-frame towers, May run tube upper arms (nonadjustable arms). Towers CANNOT be adjustable.
  16. Lower control arms must be stock. (Stock location)
  17. Stock OEM spindles only.
  18. No Aluminum brake calipers.
  19. Stock type steering box only.
  20. No 5th shock, pull bars, or reese bars (no traction enhancing parts).
  21. Aftermarket power steering pump ok.
  22. Steering quickeners ok.
  23. Any steel Driveshaft (Must be painted white).

 Option #1

  1. 602 crate.
  2. No altering of the 602 crate of any kind. NO TOLERANCE!
  3. Carb 650HP Part #80541-1. 1” spacer allowed

 Option #2

  1. All parts must have a stock, part, or I. D. number.
  2. No titanium parts of any kind.
  3. GM 350 c.i.d., Ford 351 c.i.d., Chrysler 340 or 360 c.i.d. engines.
  4. .060 for bore plus .010 wear.
  5. Engines must be mounted in stock location center of chassis, #1 spark plug must be in line with or in front of upper ball joint.
  6. Engine must be the make of the car.
  7. No big block.
  8. NO 400.
  9. Stock stroke for engine used (3.48”Chevy).
  10. May run racing gas, no additives.
  11. Deck may be surfaced, but pistons may not exceed the top of block.
  12. Engine balancing permitted.


  1. Any flat top piston.
  2. No dome pistons permitted.


  1. Any flat tappet hydraulic cam (no 4-7 swap).
  2. No gear drive or belt.
  3. Any timing chain.


  1. Factory Replacement heads:

World Product head             #4360

RHS head                                #12400      

Engine Quest                          CH-350-I

Dart                                         #10024360

  1. OEM Factory heads ok.
  2. 68cc Open Chamber Heads.
  6. No angle plug heads.
  7. No mismatching of Cleveland or Windsor heads, Ford production Iron head only. Mopar production Iron head only.
  8. No porting and polishing on heads. (No alterations).
  9. May run 1.5 long slot stock type stamped steel rocker arms, stock ratio roller tip ok (1.52 COMPS OK).
  10. No Aluminum rocker arms.
  11. Stud girdles ok.
  12. No valve lash .000.
  13. Lifters must be stock diameter to make of engine. Example .842” Chevrolet, or .875”Ford.
  14. No Cheater Lifters.
  15. May run screw in studs 7/16 ok and guide plates.
  16. Any retainers and locks.
  17. May run poly locks.
  18. Stock type valve springs only (1.265) valve spring size.
  19. No Beehives.
  20. No double valve springs.
  21. Undercut valves ok.
  22. Valve size 1.94 intake 1.5 exhaust.


  1. Stock length rod of make.
  2. Example (Chevy 5.7 connecting rod – H or I beam).
  3. 7/16 rod bolts ok.
  4. No aluminum, titanium, Carrillo rods.


  1. 48 pound crankshaft (will be weighted with pilot bushing, cam gear, bolt, and washer).
  2. Crankshaft must be stock stroke.
  3. Steel crankshaft ok.
  4. No knife edge or winged cranks.
  5. No billets.


  1. HEI style distributor with coil in cap permitted only. NO MSD ignition boxes -MSD module ok.      


  1. 600 cfm # 1850 or 80457 dual lines with metering block on the back ok ,choke horn and list number must remain intact.
  2. May remove choke butterfly. No porting or polishing.
  3. No double pumpers.
  4. Quadrajet ok (small block)


  1. 1 inch spacer on intake ok. (No higher than 1.250 with gasket)
  2. Cast iron intake – Quadrajet type only (no high rise, or, air gap allowed).
  3. Intake no higher than low rise manufactures specs, (If the manufactures specs say it’s a high-rise, it’s a high rise.)
  4. Carb pad height will be no higher than A-B measurement (4.55), A-B measurement is without spacer.
  5. No porting, cutting or polishing of any kind.
  6. No bowtie or marine intakes


  1. Stock type Trans only.
  2. Stock type clutch and pressure plates only (16 lbs. both).
  3. No triple disc.
  4. Automatics must have stock diameter torque converter. No racing transmission (no dummy converter).
  5. NO racing transmissions (no Jericho type Trans).
  6. Flywheel must weigh 14 lbs. (steel only).
  7. May run Nodule iron flywheel.
  8. No Aluminum flywheels.


  1. Stock rear end.
  2. Disc brakes ok.
  3. Floater 9 inch ok.
  4. May change gears.
  5. GM cars may run Ford 9”.