Flag Rules – Conduct


1.    Any driver who does not obey the flag rules or continuously ignores the signals from the flag stand will be subject to disqualification and possible further penalty.

2.    Green Flag:  Displayed to start the race or restart the race.  Cars must maintain their formation until the green flag is displayed.

3.    Yellow Flag & Caution Lights: Caution on the speedway.  Cars are expected to slow down and maintain their positions until instructed by the officials.  WE DO NOT RACE BACK TO THE FLAGSTAND. If a full lap is not completed, we will go back to the last completed lap

4.    Red Flag:  Slow down and come to a complete stop as soon as possible.  Watch for safety personnel and leave them a clear path on the track.  Do not get out of your racecar.  No pit crews are allowed on the track during a red flag and no work is allowed on the car during a red flag situation.

5.    Black Flag:  Any car receiving a black flag must immediately go to the pits for consultation with officials.  DO NOT STOP ON THE TRACK.  Failure to obey the black flag will result in car disqualification, fine and possible further penalty.  A driver receiving a black flag for disciplinary problems will be subject to a fine of not less than the driver’s pay for the event and the loss of any points for that event.

6.    Blue with Yellow Stripe Flag:  Passing flag indicates slower cars must move to the inside or outside and allow faster cars to pass them.  All cars being lapped must cease racing each other and allow the leader to pass then they may resume racing. 

7.    White Flag:  Leader has started the final lap of the race.

8.    Checkered Flag:  Race is finished.  All cars finish the race on the lap the checkered flag is shown to the leader.  All cars must pass under the checkered flag to be scored for that lap.



1.    No driver, crewmember or any other person may enter the pit area unless they have personally signed all releases, entry and registration forms.

2.    Any fighting or reckless driving may subject the offender to fines and or penalties, possible probation and or suspension depending upon the seriousness of the incident and the decision of the officials and management.  Any continuing problems from the same individual or same race team may result in permanent suspension. 

3.    Any acts that the speedway sees as detrimental to the sport of auto racing or detrimental to the integrity of the speedway operation will be subject to a fine, suspension and/or probation.  This may include fighting, entering another competitors pit in retaliation,  using your race car for retaliation, using profanity in front of officials, management and/or fans, disrupting the continuity of the event by displaying anger or displeasure in front of the officials, management or fans. The track management reserves the right to issue a penalty that includes a fine, probation and suspension or any combination thereof.  If you want to race, we welcome you.  If you want to be a troublemaker, please don’t come to the track.  Keep in mind this facility promotes family entertainment.

4.    At all race events, the driver assumes the responsibility for actions of ALL members of their team including, but not limited to, crew members, family and fans who accompany the team in the pit area before, during and after an event and will be held accountable for their actions. 

5.    Profane signs on your racecar, sexual signs, etc. are taboo.

6.    Penalties and fines for violation of the conduct, race procedures, general rules and car specifications may be implemented per this rulebook to all participants at the discretion of the officials and/or management.

7.    The possession, consumption or distribution of ANY alcoholic beverage or controlled substances at any time while in restricted areas is strictly prohibited. 

8.    At any time, the display of any type of weapon or threat of bodily harm may result in the permanent suspension of the entire racing team and may result in arrest of all parties involved.

9.    At all race events the driver must inform officials of the team’s crew chief who will represent the team when the driver is on the racetrack or becomes incapacitated.  During any consultations with officials, the driver or the crew chief shall be the sole representative of the team.

10.Any driver and/or crew member who has been suspended from Oglethorpe Speedway Park events for rough driving, disorderly conduct, etc., will not be allowed to participate at any events conducted at the speedway until all penalties have been satisfied which includes serving out suspensions and paying all fines.

11.All decisions by officials and official scoring are final and all participants agree to abide by these decisions.

12.When in the pit area, maintain a constant watch for your own protection.

13.The track reserves the right to modify any rule in this book as deemed necessary by officials and management.