2014 Competition Council


A competition council shall be formed each season for each division and shall comprise of competitors in that division.  The purpose of this council will be to hear recommendations on rule changes during the course of a racing season.  Any driver can bring a recommendation to the chief steward and if necessary a competition council meeting for that division will be called to discuss the recommendation.  Decisions will be made based upon the discussions at that meeting. 

             Late Models – Eddie Joe Morris, Jordan Feider, Robbie Cowart, Jr.

            Street Stocks – John McCosker, Chris Litchfield, Brian Barnes

            Pure Stocks – Joshua Nelms, Brett Russell, Tom Swanson

            Mini Stocks – Josh Carter, Aaron Phillips, Brian Zehr

            440’s – Bradd Craft, Travis Nesmith, John Puckett, Jr.


  1. I have a 95 camaro I run in street stock usually on asphalt . I wanna run street stock on march 15 with y’all As well as bring a mini stock. My problem when reading yalls rules is my front suspension I don’t have screw jacks in rear but the front comes factory with a coil over struts another words the spring sits around the strut at the top it has been taking out because their wernt any spring that would fit in their and coil over shocks were installed because on the lower control arm you can’t mount a spring or a bucket . Just wanna makr sure its ok to come down an run with y’all that weekend

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